XII. Hungarian Research Student Association Scientific Poster Competition

Registration for the XII. Hungarian Research Student Association Scientific Poster Competition

This year, the Hungarian Research Student Association organizes the 12th scientific poster competition.

The posters must be presented in 5 minutes to the expert jury on site. The members of the jury and the participants may ask questions after the presentation. The event is open to any scientific topic. The poster should show your research results with pictures, diagrams and text.

General information

You can only apply with your own research project with your own results with no restrictions pertaining to topics. Students applying for art or other non-scientific research will be rejected. The competition is open to all students who have obtained their graduation certificate in 2018 or will obtain it in after 2018. There is no minimum age. An author can submit maximum one poster, and one poster can be designed by one or two authors only. The entry fee is payable as it is described in the section “Membership Fees and Payment Methods”.

Application deadline:

Date of the competition:

Venue of the competition: Library of Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Application online: online.kutdiak.hu

Applications can be uploaded to the online system from

If you have any questions, feel free to contact with Vice President Levente Koór


Applications can only be made online at www.kutdiak.hu (deadline: April 15, 2019).

Applications submitted by email or otherwise, or applications received after the deadline will not be accepted.

During the application process, the name of the author (s), the names of the supervisors, the name and contact details of the school / institution, the title of the poster and a summary abstract should be provided. Abstract including the following captions: Introduction, Objective, Material and Method, Results, Conclusion is required to have min. 1200 max. 2500 characters. The abstracts are required by the jury’s to make preparations and categorize them into sections. The abstract is not considered during the evaluation of the poster presentation.

Formal requirements

The maximum poster size: A/0

The poster can be made by hand or by computer.


The membership fee and the method of payment

Only KutDiak members can apply the poster competition.

The conditions of membership are the following: a registration in the online system, and a membership fee (5000 HUF) which should be paid within 10 business days by cash, or wire transfer.

To learn more about membership conditions follow the link below: http://www.kutdiak.hu/en/2015/11/15/how-to-be-a-kutdiak-member/


25% of the participants will be rewarded. The winners of each section will be invited to the Káptalanfüred Research Student Camp at Balaton in the summer of 2019 (the participation fee is covered by the Research Students’ Movement).

We are looking forward to your application!