Parents and Teachers

Dear Parents and Teachers,

We warmly welcome you to KutDiák, thank you for your keen interest.
The mission of our movement is to create opportunities for talented high school students in
various fields to start, engage in research and present their achievements at different events
to their compeers and to a wider audience. We organize the National Conference of
Scientific Students (TUDOK) every year, the best are honoured with points to the university
Get to know our movement and events.

Hungarian Research Student Association – leadership

Zsigó Miklós

Acting president

Nguyen Eszter


Drágity Deján


Kálazi Laura


Peti Soma József

Head of the Human- and Social Sciences Department

Füstös Judit

HSD Deputy head of department

Németh Anna Dorottya

HSD Deputy head of department

Bodnár Bálint

Head of the Life and Environmental Sciences Department

Győri Tessza Regina

LED Deputy head of department

Kántor Kristóf

Head of the Applied Sciences and Technology Department

Boros Armand Zsolt

ASC Deputy head of department

Ihász Hanna Viktória

ASC Deputy head of department

Student Research Foundation

Dr. Lenti Katalin


Földvári-Nagy Csenge

Office manager

Kollár Andrea


Korcsmáros Tamás

Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Dr. Sulyok Katalin

Secretary of the Board of Trustees

Dr. Fábri György

Member of the Board of Trustees

Dr. Madarász Emília

Member of the Board of Trustees

Révész Tamás

Member of the Board of Trustees


Dr. Csermely Péter

Founder of the KutDiák movement

Patrons of the Movement

Freund Tamás

President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Áder János

President of Hungary



Dr. Palkovics László

Minister for Innovation and Technology