• 10 minute-presentation on research
  • 3 regional conferences (Transylvania, Highlands, Vojvodina)
  • 3 thematic conferences (Humanities and Social Sciences, Engineering and Real Sciences, Life Sciences and Environmental Sciences)
  • The presentation will be assessed by professional jury
  • The winners of the conference will have the opportunity to attend the Nobel Prize award ceremony, and participate in the university OTDK
  • 20 extra entrance examination points are awarded for the First Prize and 30 for the Grand Prize


National Student Conference

For the most successful high school research students in our competitions in a specific term, we organize a research camp in Káptalanfüred. In this camp the students can talk with outstanding public figures and researchers in addition to various camp programs.


Poster Competition

The posters must be presented to the expert jury on site for 5 minutes. The members of the jury and audience may ask questions. The event is open to any scientific topic. The poster showing pictures, diagrams and text should feature your research results so far.


Essay Contest


Do you have a project of your own and want to try yourself? Do you like writing compositions? This contest is for you!

The purpose of the Essay Contest is to give you the opportunity to present your scientific results in written format and thus familiarise yourself with the basics of publishing.