Vágó Melinda

Deputy head of department


vago.melinda (at) kutdiak (dot) hu

She was born on the 4th of January, 2001 in Debrecen. She is currently a senior student and a member of a human-oriented, six-grade section of the Kossuth Lajos Grammar School of University of Debrecen. After graduation, she is planning to continue her studies at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Debrecen.

She is mainly interested in Biology, History and foreign languages. She enjoys spending free time with friends or playing sports, especially volleyball. For 8 years, she has competed in aerobics, in which she was successful.

She started her research project in the summer of 2017 at Department of Biophysics and Cell Biology of  University of Debrecen, where she examined genetically modified immune cells. In the same year, former KutDiák students have persuaded her to enter the TUDOK Life and Environmental Science Thematic Conference. With her project “Chimera Antigen Receptor Modified T Cells’ Killing Rate in a Breast Tumor Model”, she was awarded the Second Prize in the category “Theoretical and Experimental Medicine, Gene Technology and Molecular Biology” in the final round of the competition. Because of this, she was invited to the 2018 National Student Conference in Káptalanfüred, where she was elected as Deputy Head of Department of Life and Environmental Sciences.

I have heard a lot good about the Movement before I joined this program myself. However, I only understood what the former KutDiák students were talking about, at the Káptalanfüred Student Conference. Within a few days I was able to meet many valuable people and gain new experiences. It is therefore a great honor to be able to represent the National Association of Research Students from now on.