Lovácsi Kristóf

Head of department


lovacsi.kristof (at) kutdiak (dot) hu

Kristóf was born on the 8th of October, 2000 in Debrecen. He finished his secondary school studies at Bessenyei György Grammar School of Kisvárda. After a succesful final exam, he was given a chance to continue his studies at Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Currently he is studying Computer Engineering there.

He is mostly interested in information technology and English language apart from Humanities. These were the most important factors to encourage him conducting a research project with a creative, helping classmate.

Taking part in the competition by presenting this project in the Research Student Conference in 2017, He got to know the Hungarian Research Student Association. Their project, titled as: „CLeng” won the second prize in the Language Studies / Literature and Communication. As a reward, he was invited to the XXII. Student Conference taking place at Káptalanfüred, Hungary. He got to know many fantastic people there during that time.

Apart from doing research, his favorite free time activities are reading, riding bike, playing table tennis and learning pieces on piano.

Research is a great experience, regarding any areas. You can always learn or discover something new. My favourite quote when I was doing my research was that: You can’t back out from it whatever hard or complex problem you have encountered. It’ll always worth it in the end.