Hanna Viktória Ihász

Deputy head of department

Contact: ihasz.hanna (at) kutdiak (dot) hu

She was born in 2003, 29th July. She is currently studying at Lánczos Kornél Gimnázium as a 12th grade student. In her free time, she enjoys baking cakes, horse-riding and reading. Agatha Christie is among her favourite authors.

Her first research was about analysing aerosols in cigarette smoke, which she got awarded a Grand Prize for at TUDOK in 2020. In 2021, with co-author, she entered with two projects. One studied the relationship between Christian theology and Physics, based on references of known physical phenomena found in the Bible. The other introduced the operation and construction of their in-progress cosmic muon detector. They got into the finals with both. In the same year, she got voted as Assistant of the Head of the Department of Applied Sciences and Technology.

 “Since I want to do research after my studies, the opportunity given by Kutdiák, to get to know a research’s structure, and to be able to start to learn the skills required for it was a great gift. However, at the Student Conference at Káptalanfüred it was clear to me there is more to it. I had the invaluable chance to meet inquisitive-minded people.  To be curious, to constantly explore, is a passion of mine. Sharing it with other people was (and is) an inexpressible feeling. “