Kevin Rohonczi

Head of Department

Contact: rohonczi.kevin (at) kutdiak (dot) hu


to the 5-year class of the BMSZC Neumann János Secondary School specialized in IT. He did his final exam in 2023 and gained admission to IT System Administrator Course in his school.
In 2018, he joined the talent identification and development program (Komplex 3+T) of his class teacher, Mr. Sándor Orbán. Thanks to this program, He began to conduct research and got acquainted with the Hungarian Research Student Association.
With his research partner, they achieved first place in the XIX. Hungarian Research Student Association Scientific Essay Competition in the Biology, Medicine, and Health Science section with their research titled “Research of the possibility to improve the movement speed after its second sensitive period.” Continuing their research in this field, they secured the second place in the XX. Scientific Essay Competition in 2022.
He participated in the 2022 Student Conference in Káptalanfüred, where He was elected HSD Deputy head of department and Head of the Human- and Social Sciences Department in 2023.
In addition to his technical studies, he likes sports, fishing, and cycling. He has a wide range of interests in various scientific fields and often reads scientific articles and journals.

I am grateful to have got to know the Hungarian Research Student Association and be a part of it. I’ve had the opportunity to meet many highly knowledgeable people and attend interesting lectures in Káptalanfüred. I gladly applied for the position of Head of the Human- and Social Sciences Department to continue participating in various diverse programs and their organization.