Zsolt Haskó

Head of Department

Contact: hasko.zsolt (at) kutdiak (dot) hu


He was born in 2004 and he graduated high school from KRK Szilády Áron Reformed High School in Kiskunhalas with excellent results. Thanks to his competition results and academic performance, he received the “Pro Excellencia” award in 2023. He will be a first year Biology student at the Natural Sciences Faculty of ELTE university in 2023/2024.
His main interests are the fields of genetics, psychology and immunology. He was introduced to research in his final years in high school, and the main focus of his first research project was finding the solutions for the problems caused by climate change in the Southern Great Plains of Hungary, and he investigated a soda lake called “Böddi-szék”, where there currently is an active EU Life project. He wrote an scientific essay from all the information collected from publications, public documentation from the EU Life project and interviews. With his essay he got second place in the KutDiák essay competition. He also created a poster for his project which with he competed at the annually organized Scientific Weekend where he got a special prize for his work.
Thanks to his research project he was able to join KutDiák, then he had the chance to participate in the XXVII. National Student Conference, where he was able to meet many likeminded talented students who formed a strong community together. Here, a general meeting was held, where he was chosen to be the Head of the Life and Environmental Sciences Department of KutDiák.
He is also actively interested in languages. In 2022, he successfully passed the internationally recognized Cambridge Proficiency exam, which reflects a native knowledge of the English language. Apart from English he also studies French. He was able to utilize and test his knowledge of the French language in the summers of 2022 and 2023, where he was able to spend 3-3 weeks in “Centre Méditerranéen d’Etudes Françaises”, an international camp in the south of France, where he was an intern.
He has been active in sports since his first years in elementary school. He has tried out countless sports over the years, he has ran, did athletics, swam, played handball, he plays basketball in his free time and for 3 years now he has been training with bodyweight and regular weighted exercises. Sports have always played an essential part in his life, as he believes that maintaining mental and physical health and keeping them in balance is extremely important.

I am incredibly grateful to be a part of KutDiák. The community is amazing. Everyone has their own field in which they are fully immersed and they boast an incredible amount of knowledge and information. The conversations I’ve had on KutDiák events and the camp in Káptalanfüred were extremely valuable to me. It shocked me how easily and fast I could resonate and connect to people there, it felt like I’ve known them for years, and I believe that is one of the greatest gifts KutDiák gives, that you really do find your place here. I can proudly say that I am a part of a community where I can truly be myself and I can grow, this is exactly why I want to bring the best out of myself, and as a part the leadership team I’d like to bring the best out of others too.