19th National Conference of Researching Students Tender

The Hungarian Research Student Association announces the 19th National Conference of Researching Students (short TUDOK 2019) to stimulate interest in scientific thinking and research.

General information

You may apply with your own work, which must be based solely on scientific research without restrictions on the topic. Students applying with art or other non-scientific projects will be rejected. Only the students who obtained their maturation certificates in 2019 or those receiving it after that are eligible to compete. There is no minimum age.

To enter the competition, you must complete an online form available at www.kutdiak.hu.

During the first (written) round, you must upload a summarizing abstract of your project to the online platform and attach your school and preparatory teacher’s, or mentor’s delegation statement. In the second (thematic/regional) rounds, oral competitions take place in Hungary on a thematical basis, rounds cross-border in Transylvania, Upper Hungary, and Vojvodina on a regional basis.

You may apply for the finals based on the decisions of the jury of the Hungarian thematic or the cross-border regional conferences.

The planned date and location of the conferences

  • Regional Conference of Transylvania (TUDEK, Tamási Áron Gimnázium, Székelyudvarhely, December 8. 2018.)
  • Regional Conference of Upper Hungary (Vámbéry Ármin Alapiskola, Dunaszerdahely, November 30. 2018.)
  • Regional Conference of Vojvodina (Svetozar Marković Gimnázium, Újvidék, December 8. 2018.)
  • Life and Environmental Sciences Thematic Conference (Szekszárdi I. Béla Gimnázium, Kollégium és Általános Iskola, Szekszárd, Február 15-16. 2019.)
  • Human- and Social Sciences Thematic Conference (Celldömölki Berzsenyi Dániel Gimnázium, Celldömölk, Február 8-9. 2019.)
  • Applied Sciences and Technology Thematic Conference (Budapesti Műszaki Szakképzési Centrum Bolyai János Műszaki Szakgimnáziuma és Kollégiuma, Budapest, Február 22-23. 2019.)

Planned date and location of the 19th National Conference of Researching Students: Horváth Mihály Gimnázium, Szentes, (March 29-30. 2019.)


To apply for TUDOK visit www.kutdiak.hu. In the upper right corner of the site click the Login button. After logging in you can apply for the conference under the competitions tab beginning at the 15th of September 2018.

Application deadline: November 11. 2018. Midnight


Only members of KutDiák can take part in our programs. Our website gives further information about the conditions of becoming a member. (http://www.kutdiak.hu/en/)

The course of the competition

The first round of the competition will be in a written form. Alongside the registration form, a 1200-2000 letter long abstract must be uploaded with the delegation statement of the school, preparatory teacher or mentor attached.
(This will be available for download after the 15th of September 2018. Through the www.kutdiak.hu website).

The abstracts will be judged by an expert jury and a notification will be sent within ten days after the application period which will contain the decision on which thematic conference the student can take part based on the field of their research.

In each research section of the thematic conferences maximum nine, in the case of section merger maximum thirtee entries can be present. Cross-border attendants will participate in their corresponding regional conference.

During the second round, the contestants present their work at the conference. One presentation may have no more than two authors.

Based on the results of the regional and thematic conferences the organizers compose the sections for the third and final round, which always takes place in Hungary. There can be maximum nine or in case of merger maximum thirteen entries in each section. The number of sections in the finals is between 15 and 20 depending on the number of applicants.

The formal requirements of the Abstract (1st round)

During the first round, the research will be evaluated based on the abstract uploaded earlier online. An expert committee will cathegorise the applications into sections after they were accepted based on professional aspects. The length of the abstract must be between 1200 and 2000 words (including spaces). During the application process the applicants need to provide the author(s)’ name their school, the preparatory teacher(s)’, and mentor(s)’ name and workplace, and the title of the presentation. Alongside these, the delegation statement of the school, preparatory teacher, or mentor must be attached, with which they refer the work for submission.

The abstract must contain an introduction, the goals of the project, the materials and methods used as well as the achievements and the results.

Applicants attending the thematic conferences in the case of the first round should submit a research plan (min. 500 characters) if no abstract is possible due to the research being in its early stage. The research plan only indicates the intention to enter but does not qualify as an application. In this case, the deadline for uploading the final abstract is January 15, 2019.

If the title of the abstract differs from the title of the research plan, a request should be submitted by email to kutdiak@kutdiak.hu, which will be evaluated by the Hungarian Research Student Association within 3 days.



Formal requirements for the presentation (pre-selection and finals)

Each author/co-author duo is given 10 minutes to present their research, followed by a maximum of 5 minutes for debate and discussion.

It is possible to use almost any visual aid such as a computer for the presentation. Gifts for the jury are forbidden and will result in disqualification!

Aspects of presentation evaluation

The presentations will be evaluated by an expert jury on both the pre-selection and the finals. On the thematic and regional pre-selection conferences, results are based on the quality and impact of the scientific work conducted. In the finals, the qualifiers can only present the same topic as they did at the pre-selection conferences. The presentations can be supplemented with new results if there are ones.

A total of 40 points can be achieved in the TUDOK Finals:

  • The originality of the research                                                 5 points
  • The quality of the research                                                             5 points
  • Professional competence and background knowledge             5 points
  • The logical structure of the research             5 points
  • Debate skills                                                                        5 points
  • Presentation style                                                                        5 points
  • Formal requirements of the presentation             5 points
  • Knowledge of scientific literature, professional knowledge 5 points


Authors of the best presentations at the pre-selection conferences may receive other rewards in addition to advancing to the finals (TUDOK 2019).

The following prizes will be handed out in the TUDOK finals:

  • Grand Prize (the best presentations at the conference, max. one per section)
  • First Prize (the best presentation in the section)
  • Second Prize, Special Prize (up to 25% of the presentations in each section, deviations are possible in exceptional cases)

Authors who won a Grand Prize receive 30, First Prize winners will receive 20 bonus admission points from the subject assigned to their section.

The winners of the finals will receive an invitation to a free summer conference at Káptalanfüred near Lake Balaton and several publication opportunities await them. They have the chance to attend the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony in Stockholm and they can participate in the National Scientific Students’ Associations Conference (OTDK), a biennial conference for research students in higher education.


Further Information

The organizer of TUDOK is the Student Research Foundation.

Contact: kutdiak@kutdiak.hu, +36-30-2199951