KutDiák Student Scholarship 2018 Fall

– for exceptionally talented students living in convergence regions –

The Student Research Foundation launches a competition to encourage individual development of highly talented students through a scholarship support among its members.

The scholarship application is being implemented through the EFOP-3.4.4-16-2017-00026 Semmelweis University and National Research Fund for Medical Student Talent Program series.

The scholarship is a non-refundable grant that can be used to support young people’s professional development.

Submissions will be evaluated by the Board of Trustees for the Student Research Foundation.

Who can apply?

Students at the age between 12 and 22, studying in a Hungarian public or higher education institution (up to the first year of university), with Hungarian citizenship. Other requirements are:

  • be a member of the Research Students Movement
  • live in convergence regions
  • have a student status in the first year of study at a public education institution or in the first year of a higher education institution.

What can the scholarship be used to cover?

  • travel expenses (study trips; traveling to a competition, research site)
  • accommodation and meals during a travel
  • books, educational aids (e.g. books, magazines, stationery)
  • purchase of fixed assets, materials (e.g. computer equipment, R&D material, equipment)
  • other expenses (e.g. entry fees, membership fees, course fees, private tutor fees)

Expense must be planned when applying. Although when using the scholarship, it is possible to reallocate funds between types of expenses, but not new expense.

The grant shall not be used to cover the following expenses: alcohol, tobacco, real estate investment and renovation expenses; late payment, penalty; costs of fines, penalties, surcharges; bank, cash payments.

How to apply?

Application is done electronically via email by sending the specified documents to kutdiak@kutdiak.hu.

Deadline for application: 20 November 2018 (midnight)

To apply, you need to send:

  • Electronically filled-out form HERE: https://goo.gl/forms/4vMdLJqeF57ZUJjj2
  • CV
  • Cover letter (max 1500 characters)
  • Purpose of use of the scholarship (Indication of the amounts, according to the scholarship notice.

Documents to be attached:

  • documents certifying the achieved results (diplomas, competitions, etc.);
  • Signed data management declaration
  • signed declaration of assent;
  • photo (if you agree to its use by the Association)
  • under the age of 14, parents’ declaration of their consent for the participation
  • a statement on the authenticity of the information provided in the application


The Research Student Foundation will enter into a fellowship contract with the young person receiving the grant (with a legal representative for young people under 14). The scholarship will be paid out within 15 days of the signing of the contract by both halves, up to a maximum of HUF 50,000 per month. If a higher amount is awarded when the scholarship is awarded, the amount will be disbursed in several installments.

Accounting for the aid

The scholarship should be used for the professional development of the young person. The use of the scholarship need not to be substantiated by financial documents. By the 15th day of the month following the last installment payment, the scholarship holder must report on the use of the scholarship in a 1.5-2 page long written report.

If you have any questions, please contact us at kutdiak@kutdiak.hu or + 3630-219-9951.

[1] residing in the beneficiary districts as defined in Government Decree 290/2014 (XI. 26.), (IV. 23.) Government Decree no. of the Government of the Republic of Hungary on socio-economic and infrastructural benefits and Government Decree 106/2015. (IV. 23.) Government Decree no. According to Annex II, the beneficiary lives in the districts to be developed and developed with complex programs.

Documents to be downloaded:

  • Tender
  • Privacy Statement
  • Permission notice
  • Parental Consent Statement
  • Declaration of authenticity of data