KutDiák NI Special Studies Program 2018/19

Our Foundation and National Instruments Hungary Kft. have teamed up to work together on a conjoint program providing research opportunities for students interested in applied physics, information technology and robotics. We offer this program and workshops related to these topics to school study groups.

We offer 10 interesting topics which students can explore or start their own research project. You can find these topics listed below in the article.

As part of our program, we are expecting applications from workshops and student study groups located in Hungary.

To submit an application please fill THIS FORM out till the 5th November, 2019.
Deadline of application -for those who have filled out the previously linked declaration of intent- is 04/30/2019.

How the applicants are rewarded:
The schools do not receive direct financial support. The selected applicants’ asset supports (devices, etc.) are partly covered by our Foundation with the awarded amount.


  • The study group is expected to have at least five members.
  • The study group is expected to be established at least for half a year prior to application (started at least at the beginning of the 2018/19 school year).
  • The study group is required to be working on at least two of the mentioned NI topics below.
  • The study group’s members are required to be competing in contests organised by KutDiák (TUDOK 2019, essay competition, poster competition).
  • The study group’s leader has filled out the declaration of intent previously

Attachments to the application:

  • The study group’s history of operation
  • Draft of the project’s plans for the next cycle (at least ten lessons plans)
  • Planned competitions, programs list
  • Devices / assets the group wants to acquire (at least with three different price tags)

Students doing research on these topics are welcomed heartily at the XIX. Research Student Conference’s Applied Sciences and Technology qualification to present their project work and their accomplishments during their project.

The conference takes place in in Veszprém, Hungary in February 2020. The best students are selected to present their project at the Research Student Conference, where they could earn bonus points that may be added to the university entrance exam point scores or be awarded with extraordinary prizes. You can find out more about our competition on our website.

Contact information:
Kutató Diákokért Alapítvány (Andrea Kollár, coordinator)
e-mail: kutdiak@kutdiak.hu
Phone: +36 30 219 99 51


  1. School of the future

How can you improve your school by using IoT devices and other SMART solutions?
Using the National Instruments myDAQ device.

  1. Exoskeleton
    How can you create a skeleton that can fit an entire human body but can also change its size and location?
  1. Mars Expedition
    Imagine that you are stranded on planet Mars. What things would you measure? How can you use the collected data to survive? Ridley Scott’s new film, The Martian could give you inspiration for this project. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3659388/?ref_=nv_sr_1
    To accomplish your goals and experiments, the myDAQ device will be your help from National Instruments.
  1. Modern physics class
    Design some modern physics experiment with the NI myDAQ device that can make lessons more interesting.
  1. Young scientist
    Invent a device that is useful for our society and can be implemented using 3D printers.
  1. Stability during natural disasters
    How would you build the most stable bridge?
    Make a model from spaghetti, then measure its load capacity using the myDAQ device.
  1. Health monitoring with smart technology
    What data would you collect about the human body to preserve human health?
    Use the myDAQ device and make precise measurements.
  1. High-Tech Production
    Learn more about production processes of current companies, their solutions. Plan the “company of the future” with IoT technology.
  1. Radiocommunication in a better way
    How can you improve our current radiocommunication with the NI USRP device?
  1. Innovative cars
    How do you imagine the car of the future? Plan a new accident retention and safety functions to cars, that can aid the driver while driving.

Should you require any further information please contact us!