Éliás János

Head of department


elias.janos (at) kutdiak (dot) hu

He was born on the 20th of March, 2000 in Karcag. After primary school, he continued his studies in his hometown, in the Great Cumanian Reformed Grammar School of Karcag, where he has written successful leaving exams. Currently he is studying at University of Debrecen, Faculty of Arts.

He wants to be a teacher of English Language and Literature and History, because besides the love of these two subjects, his mission is to give his knowledge to others.

He is mostly interested in history, especially local history. He has been doing research on the history of Karcag and his former secondary school for three years. He has been awarded on several competitions and conferences on which he introduced his research project.

The old book section of his school was elaborated by him and his mentor with the members of Béla Bujk Research Association and Workshop.

He entered the Movement in 2017 when he presented his research named “The hidden treasures of the Great Cumanian Reformed Grammar School of Karcag” on TUDOK. The same year, he won the first prize on the 15th Essay Competition with his work titled “The doctor of Great Cumania – the life and work of Gábor Kátai”

In 2018, he won the Grand Prize in the section “Local history” on TUDOK. The title of his presentation was “Karcager students in the Reformed College of Debrecen from the beginning to 1850.” In this current project, he examines the studies and frequency of Karcager students in Debrecen. The same year, his work about this won the first prize on the 16th Essay Competition, which resulted an invitation to the 22nd National Student Conference of Káptalanfüred, where he was elected as the Head of Department of Human and Social Studies.

His hobbies are genealogical researches, playing the guitar, and reading.

Why is it great to be a KutDiák member? For several reasons: once, for the freedom of research, twice, for the new projects and new work relationships, thrice, which is the most important of all: getting to know new friends.