Bálint Bodnár

Head of department

Contact: bodnar.balint (at) kutdiak (dot) hu

He was born on the 9th of July, 2001. He graduated from Kisvárdai Bessenyei György Secondary Grammar-school and Dormatory in 2021, where he went to a 5 year-long special language class with a year of intensive language learning. He continues his studies at the University of Debrecen, Faculty of Science and Technology,  biology course.

In 2018, he took part in the summer camp of the University of Debrecen, Faculty of Science and Technology, where he had the chance to take a look inside the world of biology research. Fall of this year, his biology teacher drew his attention to the Hungarian Research Student Association and the TUDOK Conference. He joined the movement that school year, but his first TUDOK Conference was the one held in 2019. On the XX. TUDOK Conference, Department of Life and Environmental Sciences, in the finals, in the section of ecology he earned the special award with his research regarding fish fauna. This granted him an invite to the XXV. National Student Conference, to the camp in Káptalanfüred, where he met dozens of fascinating people in a fenomenal community.

Besides his studies in biology, he is interested in foreign languages and linguistics, which is one if his hobbies. Moreover, in his free time he likes cycling, doing exercise and hiking.

,,It’s crucial that we stop fearing change, stop fearing new things. For man –in a sense- the comfort zone is the biggest enemy. We have to find ways to put away this feeling of safety and glance into the unknown. Ask that lecturer questions, start a chat with that rival contestant, go to that summer camp! These small steps lead to enormous changes: new connections, friendships might form, you get more knowledge. But what’s the most important, you’ll become something more, than you were beforehand.”