Deján Drágity


Contact: dragity.dejan (at) kutdiak (dot) hu

He was born in Szeged, November the 7th of 2002. He became familiar with chemistry at the end of middle school, which made him apply to Deák Ferenc Bilingual High school, into the natural sciences class.

In the december of 2018, with the help of her chemistry teacher, he started his Research at MTA-SZTE “Lendület” Biocolloids Research Group, where he met his mentor, Dr. István Szilágyi. In his first year, he did not apply for any competition, rather spent his days as a grammar school research student. There he was mostly involved with nanohybrids containing antioxidants for pharmacological purposes, but he became acquainted with the antioxidant activity of various plant – extracts, and also sewage water cleaning technologies. He worked with several university students, many of whom further influenced his interest towards sciences.

He entered the 2020 TUDOK competition, his topic being ,, LDH-Ellagic Acid Nanohybrids and their antioxidant activities “, and he went on to get first place in the Biochemistry-Pharmacology section.

He was invited to the 2021 National Student Conference held in Káptalanfüred, where he was chosen to be the vice – president of the Association.

His hobbies include reading, drawing, and he enjoys most ball games. In chemistry, he is most interested in material and environmental sciences.

He is currently a chemistry course student at SZTE.

,, I could talk a lot about my time spent here. Most certanly, it was one of my best choice to participate, but I understand, that for some, these are just mere words, so I’d like to talk to those who are new here : School might not be enough for you. Not necesseraly, because it’s bad, or because of your frightening intelligence, but simply, because you need to get used to finding your own answers. Answers to what intrests you the most, what are your strengths, who set off the fire alarm etc… The point is, that these answers are not simple, your research can only be remarkable through conversations, lots of failure, lots of annoying your co – workers, but in the end, it’ll be worth it, for you’ll be able to talk about a subject for 10 minutes, a subject, only few hundreds could talk about as good as you, and if you can learn to learn something like that, you’ll be able to learn just about anything. I hope I’ll see you soon! “