Soma József Peti

Head of department

Contact: peti.soma (at) kutdiak (dot) hu

At the moment the student of Csokonai Vitéz Mihály Reformist High School, Primary School and Dormitory. Active member of the Hungarian Handball Association, and the player ath the junior team of Handball Klub in Csurgó.

He finished his primary school studies with excelent marks at the Zrínyi Miklós and Bólyai János Primary School. He got an award and make his national mark for their results in studies and sport.

His interest is wide spread. Beside the handball he is excelent at american football, basketball, volleyball and motorsport. Next to this the Science the big role az well. Amount his favourite activities we can find astronomy and the study of historical era. He believes that the people have to experience the Science and feel with them. He things his be goal to popularise science amoung people of his age.

In his high school years he took internationally recognized language exam from english and has been studying germany. At the Reformed High School, (Csurgó, Hungary) he won the title of „Student of the Year” for 2020. In addition to his excellent academic achievements, he participates in a number of academic competitions. He is involved in poetry competitions, and also takes part int he shool’s community work, above that, he is not afraid to direct the community and perform in front of any audience.

As an elementary school student he has been actively involved in sports since his first grade. In addition to various sports, handball has accompanied his life journey to this very day. Under the influence of his former teacher, Csaba Marczinka, he fell in love with sport, with whom he achieved national results, and then in 2016, he was certified in Veszprém for the Sharp Handball School, from where he returned to Nagykanizsa after a year and a half. He started his high school years as a player of the Csurgó Handball Club and has been strengthening this team ever since.

He joined the Association of Research Students in 2020, when he presented his research at the Thematic Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences at TUDOK, in domestic conditions in Csurgó. He won the First Prize in the Local History Section of the TUDOK Conference in the Carpathian Basin, giving him the opportunity to participate at the OTDK, but he could not take part in the fight for the Nobel Prize for his studies in Stockholm because it was delayed due to the coronavirus epidemic.

In 2021, with the same research of his mentioned above, he took advantage of his opportunities and took part at the OTDK, where he received outstanding recognition and gained a lot of experience as a high school student among college students. This year – 2021 – he was invited to the National Student Conference where the General Assembly elected him the Head of the Department of Humanities and Soical Sciences of the National Association of Research Students.

„It was a great pleasure and experience to take part in every HRSA event, because I could meet my fellow students and make friends with them. I am so greatful for the organization that I was able to meet students who apart from lexical knowledge can think well and who despite beeing young are trying to make our word better and are solving global problems which exist now or will in the future. I will do everything that i can to make HRSA popular and to help more and more people to be thoughtful and conscious and make their personality more outsanding and valuable. The reason and the aim why I want this is to make the young resarchers to face the future problems of our word and solve them.”