Ádám Vajda


Contact: vajda.adam (at) kutdiak (dot) hu

In Budapest, he is a graduating student at ELTE Radnóti Miklós High School and has consistently achieved excellent academic results.
He has spent years delving into the field of computer science, garnering numerous accolades. Among these are multiple awards at the Neumann International Talent Search Product Competition and reaching the finals in computer science at the OKTV. In 2022, he joined the Hungarian Research Student Association and won the Grand Prize at the XXIII TUDOK Conference. He also presented his paper at the Scientific Student Association Conference of ELTE’s Faculty of Informatics, where he secured a third-place finish and received a nomination for the 36th National Scientific Students’ Association Conference, earning a special award as a high school participant. He represented Hungary at the 7th SUSTAINERGY International Renewable Energy Conference in Israel and achieved a second-place finish in the 32nd National Science and Innovation Olympiad.
In the realm of literature, he has received several honors, including the Stádium Prize, a special award from Richter Gedeon Nyrt’s TETT natural science literature competition, and a first-place award in a competition hosted by Tokaj-Hegyalja University.
He is proficient in English and holds intermediate-level language certifications in Russian and German. He is also preparing for an intermediate exam in Spanish.
He regularly engages in tennis and has competed in multiple wakeboard events. Though he loves to travel, his hobbies include composing music and playing the guitar in his free time.
As a member of the Neumann Society and the Hungarian Research Student Association, his goal is to share the thrill and satisfaction of academic research with as many of his peers as possible.