Emma Busa

Deputy Head of Department

Contact: busa.emma (at) kutdiak (dot) hu


She was born on June 1, 2004 in Budapest. In 2019, she started her studies at the Neumann János Informatikai Technikum in Budapest, where she is currently studying in a 6-year English preparatory class.
In 2021, she took part in the XIX. Science Weekend for the first time, where she won third place in an essay competition in the Humanities and Social Sciences section with her fellow researcher, Bernadette Veszteg.
In 2023, she won first place also in the essay competition in the Life and Environmental Sciences section.
Her interests are wide-ranging. In addition to IT, she likes psychology, she likes to write, and sports. Due to her past as a competitive triathlete and cyclist, she unfortunately struggled with health problems, so sports took a back seat in her life, but biologically she still likes to research the effects of sports.
Her goal is to get to know as many people as possible with her wide range of interests and to be a member of communities with people like her. It is also important for her to involve others in social life.
In 2023, she was elected among the members of the management of KutDiák. She happily accepted it, because the community has given her a lot, and in this way, she will be able to help students in similar shoes make their life as a KutStudent a lasting experience.

I am grateful to my mentor Sándor Orbán for helping me achieve my goals and introducing me to the National Association of Research Students. As a board member, I am pleased to pass on what this community has given me.