János Kovács

Deputy Head of Department

Contact: kovacs.janos (at) kutdiak (dot) hu


János completed his secondary school studies at the Bolyai János Gimnázium in Kecskemét, where he majored in mathematics and computer science. He completed intermediate level final exam in physics and advanced level exams in mathematics, chemistry and informatics. He was then admitted to the University of Szeged to study Molecular Bionics Engineering.
His main fields of interest are mathematics, computer science, biology (genetics, immunology), psychology and history.
He was an active member of the Hungarian Research Student Association throughout his high school years.
In the past years he has worked on a number of projects. His first project was MateKIT, a mathematical educational application, which he has been developing since 2019. He started developing the application right after finishing his primary school studies. During his high school years, he participated in several science and innovation competitions:
In the 2019-2020 academic year, as a ninth-grade student, he participated for the first time in the XX KutDiak Thematic Conference on Applied Sciences and Technology and the KutDiak Poster Competition with his educational software.
The following year he entered the 30th Youth Science and Innovation Talent Competition (which is the Hungarian qualifying contest for EUCYS), in addition to competing again in the KutDiak Applied Sciences and Technology Thematic Conference.
As an 11th grade student, he took part for the first time in the John von Neumann International Software Product Competition, where he was placed 4th. In the same year, he participated in the XXII KutDiak Applied Sciences and Technology Thematic Conference and XXII TUDOK. Furthermore, he won 2nd prize at the 31st Youth Science and Innovation Talent Competition with his educational software MateKIT.
In his graduating year, he participated in several more competitions.
Two of his projects were commended at the 32nd National Science and Innovation Olympiad. He won a special prize in the KutDiak Poster Competition. In the KutDiak Scientific Essay Competition, he won first prize for his project “Designing optimal keyboard layout for Hungarian”. He participated in the XXIII KutDiak Thematic Conference on Applied Sciences and Technology, and two of his projects were finalists. At TUDOK, he won the second prize in the Kyndryl – Computer Science, Engineering section with the improved MateKIT. He also presented his work “Alternative teaching methodology in teaching physics and mathematics”. He presented three projects at the John von Neumann International Software Product Competition. With his three entries he won the <19 Shape Your World! Computer Competition. He won the first prize in the Computer Science section of the IX Szeged Innovative Informatics Competition and a special prize in the Engineering section.
János was delegated by the Hungarian Association for Innovation to the 64th London International Youth Science Forum, and in August 2023 he represented Hungary at the two-week conference. He presented his MateKIT project at the event’s Science Bazaar in front of a professional jury and delegations from 83 other countries.
János is a passionate language learner and has a complex advanced level certificate in English, while he also learns German and Russian.
As a leading member of the Hungarian Research Students’ Association, his main objective is to promote the Movement of Research Students among Hungarian secondary school students and to strengthen the links between the competing students and their schools.
It was at the Research Students’ conferences that he first encountered Hungarian folk dance, which he has been involved with in his free time ever since. He also enjoys sports, another passion of his is karate.