Kinga Orsolya Ambrus

Deputy Head of Department

Contact: ambrus.orsolya (at) kutdiak (dot) hu

She was born on June 12, 2005, in Oradea, Romania, and has been living and studying there since then. Currently, she is a 12th-grade student at the Ady Endre Theoretical High School, specializing in mathematics and computer science, with an intensive English program.
In 2023, she joined the Kutató Diákok Országos Szövetsége. That year, she participated in the TUDOK (Tudományos Diákköri Országos Konferencia) competition, presenting her research paper titled “Investigation of the Cellulose Acetate Decomposition Capability of the Pleurotus Ostreatus Fungus.” She and her research partner achieved the first place in the Research Project Block section during the finals. The main aim of their research was to demonstrate that through precise selection over several generations, the Pleurotus Ostreatus fungus could decompose used cigarette filters. During the study, they examined which substrate and environmental factors were most optimal for cultivating this fungal species. In the same year, she was invited to the XXVII. Országos Diákkonferencia, where she was elected as Deputy Head of the Department for Life and Environmental Sciences during the general assembly.
Also in 2023, she secured the second place in the biology section of the international competition “Kulin György” with her work on “Bacterial Cultivation in Petri Dishes.” Furthermore, she received an honorable mention for another project titled “Waste-Decomposing Fungi” at the same competition.
In her free time, she enjoys exploring new sports activities. Currently, she is involved in swimming, but she has also practiced orienteering and rock climbing. Spending time in nature is extremely important to her, as well as cherishing moments with her family and friends. Reading has always played a significant role in her life. She believes that reading helps one to know oneself better, experience new adventures, and enriches one’s knowledge. She finds it crucial to get to know new people, cultures and places since she believes that these new experiences shape and mold a person and provide opportunities for personal growth and development.

It fills me with joy that I have become a part of the KutDiák movement, as it provides an inspiring and supportive community where I meet enthusiastic young people who share my interests and motivate each other for persistent work. The joy of discovery and the satisfaction from the achieved results during scientific research create a feeling that is difficult to compare with anything else. Sharing the new information and results with others makes this experience even more enriching.