Vilmos Bózsik

Deputy Head of Department

Contact: bozsik.vilmos (at) kutdiak (dot) hu


He was born in Budapest, but has strong connections to Kecskemét too. He recently graduated from the Szent István Gimnázium and is now heading towards university.
During his time at school, he dabbled in everything from biology to physics and informatics, even tried himself at poetry and public speaking. But ultimately, he found his place in the world of chemistry. In his opinion, science cannot be taught purely theoretically; it needs to be practiced actively to gain new knowledge.
In his free time, he enjoy spending time in nature – cycling, hiking, photography, and creating landscapes. His most loyal companion is his camera, which he takes with him wherever he goes. He also frequents different airsoft games to improve his concentration and discipline. He is a passionate fan of both classical and pop music, and enjoys listening to everything from Paganini’s violin concertos to Rammstein.
At primary school, he passed a C1 language exam in English and then a B2 exam in German at the end of high school. He received the Erdős Pál Plaque for his achievements in natural sciences, dedication, and hard work over four years. During his time at school, he continuously sought challenges at various competitions, and he even tried himself at public speaking contests. He helped the student government wherever he could. He organized the setup of the lighting and audio systems before multiple school events. He fixed his school’s PA system when it broke down. Additionally, he volunteered as a photographer to preserve the unforgetable moments of various school events, including the performances The Teach Boys, his teachers’ band.
He was active and competitive in tennis during elementary school, and he still enjoys playing it today. During high school, he started enjoying biking so much that ever since Covid struck, he’s been commuting with his bike to school and to wherever he could.
In 2023, he took part in the TUDOK ÉKT with the support of his mentors, and after two years of no success at the OKTV – to his biggest surprise – he received a grand prize at TUDOK’s chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology and biotechnology section. As a result, he was invited to the XXVII. National Student Conference, where he was elected to be the deputy head of the LES department.

I regret only two things in my life so far: not knowing my maternal grandfather, and not hearing about the student movement earlier. Before TUDOK, I thought there were no other students like me, who would want to leave the boundaries of a classroom and take a deep ddive into sciences by actually conducting research. But on the first day of the LES thematic conference, when I joined into the conversations of a few unknown fellow students, I realized that I had a place in the world, and that there were others like me who were just as crazy. I feel that I have finally found my place, even if it’s late, and I am filled with extraordinary joy to be part of the Movement.