Zsóka Nagygyörgy

Head of Department

Contact: nagygyorgy.zsoka (at) kutdiak (dot) hu


She completed her high school studies in Senta, at Bolyai TGK, specializing in mathematics. Her enthusiasm for natural sciences was quickly discovered by her biology teacher, who mentored her in several Research School projects announced by the University of Szeged.
In 2021, she joined the Hungarian Research Students Association, where she presented her first research titled “Biocontrol in Agriculture” at the TUDOK 2022 Life and Environmental Sciences Thematic Conference.
In 2022, she had the opportunity to participate in the “AKI Kíváncsi Kémikus” research camp, which reinforced her love for chemistry and connected her with other students with similar interests. The research she conducted in the camp led her to decide to continue her studies in the Chemistry department at the University of Szeged, where she was successfully admitted in 2023.
At the 2023 TUDOK finals, she was awarded 2nd prize in the Chemistry section. After that, she was invited to the XXVII. National Student Conference, where she was chosen to be the head of the Department of Applied Sciences and Technology.
In her free time, she likes to read, listen to music, and bake cookies.

I am extremely grateful to the Hungarian Research Students Association for giving me the opportunity to develop, motivating me to continue my research and for allowing me to join this great team. I would like to spread the word about KutDiák to as many young people as possible and enable them to be part of this wonderful and constructive community.